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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 26, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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historical event. plenty of people are now upset. that is glenn beck, avoiding questions today about his controversial rally for saturday at the lincoln memorial. >> it is like he is desecrating the monument. >> why are people upset? it will take place on the anniversary of the martin luther king jr. "i have a dream" speech. critics say there are hardly alike. that he is an abomination to the country. >> martin luther king's top lieutenant in the country is skeptical and opponents are planning their own rally on the mall the same day. am i am a political science -- >> i am a political scientist. >> is it being blown out of proportion? glenn beck says the date is a coincidence, the rally nonpolitical, despite a speech by sarah palin, and is about
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honoring america's service personnel and read committing ourselves to becoming a better country. >> you cannot just restore it overnight, you have to learn it again. >> plenty of willing participants are already in town. >> the basis is try to bring back morality. >> i hate to see the direction the country is headed. it is not good. >> here is where things could get more interesting. some of the counter rallies will take place just a stone's throw from here at the washington monument and the national mall. glenn beck has continued to say he wanted to be a peaceful event. he has told people believe signs at home and is even invited martin luther king's niece to speak. scott thuman, abc 7 news. breaking news from california, where an airplane made a hard landing injuring 15
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passengers. the jetblue airplane blew its tires when it landed in sacramento from long beach. appeared to have problems with its brakes./ all passengers were removed by inflatable slides. michael bloomberg is calling for discourse on controversial topics following the stabbing of a muslim cab driver. he met with the driver today. the police said on tuesday, a passenger asked him if he was muslim. when he said yes, the passenger stabbed him several times. the man would not say if he -- mayor bloomberg said he would not say if it was linked to the planned mosque near ground zero. >> i don't know what was going through his mind. i think it is disgraceful. >> the man is being held without bond on attempted murder charges. he was a film student. good economic news about the
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nation this evening. the number of new jobless claims dropped sharply last week. however, the number of people filing first-time unemployment claims remains high for an economy in recovery. the housing market continues to struggle, with sales of pre- owned homes down 27%. the dow jones closed below 10,000 today. it 7 on your side with another toyota recalled. they are recalling more than 1 million corolla sedans and metrics had fax, model years 2005-2008. three accidents have been reported. they have not been linked to the engine issue. you'll be notified in the mail if your vehicle is affected. toyota will replace the parts for free. american airlines could be paying out a record amount of money. the faa stopped -- slapped american airlines with a fine and over maintenance lapses into
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does it that caused the airline to cancel thousands of flights. wiring problems on the aircraft could have started fires, according to the faa. the airline says the faa is exaggerating the problem and passengers were never in danger. no word on if american will challenge the. more controversy on how to kill the well in the gulf of mexico. the senior vice president of bp would not give federal investigators a straight answer about whether they will proceed with the relief wells. he says there are several ways to stop of oil for good and the relief wells are the backup if everything else fails. admiral allen says the relief wells are the best option. elias abuelazam was extradited back to michigan today, where he is charged with stabbing one person and suspected of 18 attacks in three states, including virginia. jay korff is live in the satellite center with more.
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>> no bond for the suspect, considered by prosecutors to be a flight risk and established cold-blooded killer. under tight security, suspected serial killer elias abuelazam was escorted to an airplane in atlanta and extradited to michigan, where he faces the first of what will likely be a long list of charges in connection with a series of vicious attacks. >> today i can announce that we got the guy responsible for these crimes. >> on august 11, authorities captured the is really citizen before he boarded a plane bound for tel aviv. prosecutors suspect him of unleashing a reign of terror from late june until early august. investigators allege that he stabbed 18 victims in three states, resulting in five deaths. three non fatal attacks happened in leesburg, virginia. >> we will convict him and what cannot for the rest of his life. it is victims deserve nothing less.
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>> most of the victims were african-american men, but investigators do not know if race is the motive. >> i believe he is not sick. he is evil. >> during his state in jail, he will live in this cell, locked up 23 hours per day. for everyone's safety, he will never interact with other inmates. >> he has left a lot of scars on the community. >> during the booking process, he told the sheriff he was concerned about the presence of all the video cameras. the sheriff told him, "get used to it." jay korff, abc 7 news. coming up, rod blagojevich finds out what he will go back to court. >> more speed cameras are moving in. we will tell you where. >> the wild weather out west. >> in the belfort furniture
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captioned by the national captioning institute former illinois gov. rod blagojevich will have to wait until 2011 for every drop.
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the judge did not set a specific date, but said it would not be earlier than january. he was convicted on just one of 24 counts. the jury deadlocked on the other counts. the prosecutor said today they will not retry blagojevich. federal investigators found another piece of evidence that proves high methane levels sparked an explosion that killed 29 west virginia miners. a hand-held meter recovered from deep inside the upper big branch mine detected 5% methane, enough to cause an explosion. massey energy said the high methane levels cannot be controlled by the mind safeguards. -- by the mine safeguards. the trial for the seat of the deadly metrorail crash has been pushed back. the federal judge today pushed
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back until january, 2012. the extension is requested by a couple of agencies listed as defendants. new speed cameras in montgomery county just in time for the start of the school year. it a fixed speed cameras went up in both directions of new hampshire avenue near white oaks middle school. there is a history of speeding cars and accidents near that school. the cameras will be activated monday for the first day of school in montgomery county. mobil speed camera units now cover 25 locations. for a list of those locations, go to and click on the abc 7 tab and then "websites mentioned on their." fires add to the weather problems out west. >> doug hill has what we can expect this weekend. >> the redskins hit the road to play the jets. the mystics try to regroup.
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at the nationals's no. 1 draft pick was in town tonight.
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet.
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and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. parts of the western united
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states have been taking a beating from the weather. >> purple digit heat and high wind whipping across arizona -- triple digit heat and high wind whipping across arizona. >> this power pole snapped like a twig, sending power lines onto way bus. >> i thought we got electrocuted. >> the wind from an arizona monsoon took a bite out of the mayo clinic near phoenix. in tucson, another monster storm ripped a tree from its roots. the wind is feeling the largest spreading fire in the nation in idaho. more than 300,000 acres have been scorched for more than a week. in california, flames that danced from mountaintops north of los angeles, at one point threatening homes nearby. >> they are both evacuate it.
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>> firefighters were battling flames and heat that have reached triple digit temperatures, delaying these trains. for those of us who have to be outside, we have to deal with the heat. but there are those in search of the heat. from swimming pools to waves, relief at the beach can be dangerous. >> the riptide was really strong. >> but everybody wants to stay cool. a little identity crisis earlier in the newscast? >> it is serious when you forget your name. let's get started on monday night -- i know it is thursday. what is happening on the rooftop. ? looking back across the city, the light fall weather. the front cleared out nicely, there is getting drier.
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-- the air is getting drier. the dew point was 57, 80 degrees air temperature in fairfax, very comfortable. prince frederick, closer to the bay, east wind, the two-point about 12 degrees higher. -- do point about 12 degrees higher. the scoreboard, the official numbers, 87 and 68, close to average. the temperatures will be cooler tomorrow. the key here it is the new air mass moving in, there will be very comfortable. a low 80's across the region, at 85 gaithersburg, 86 bowie, marshall and fredericksburg at 84. the measure of moisture in the air, in the 40's and 50's. this is great stuff. the dry air mass will stay in place through most of sunday. monday through tuesday, the wind will change direction, the high
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pressure center moves offshore and we will feel the familiar combination of heat and humidity bill next week. 85 richmond, the same at reagan national. a little warmer to the south and west. a couple pop up showers and sprinkles ahead of the front that have pushed to the south. most of the action is south of the viewing area, back towards the north carolina. the high pressure takes control of the weather. the high pressure centered in northern ohio, kind of a northerly component to the wind brings the dry air and cooler temperatures. that hangs around through saturday and sunday. as it moves off to the east, we warm-up. the weekend will be very pleasant. the humidity levels will stay under control. the express, sunshine, upper 50's in the suburbs and the morning, climbing into the low 80's, low humidity. delightful conditions. the weekend looks great,
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sunshine, upper 80's saturday, near 90 degrees sunday. monday through thursday, the heat and humidity will return. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. who is the new kid for the nationals? >> bryce harper, they say he is the next mickey mantle. >> whoa. >> the nationals are introducing their no. 1 draft pick tonight who signed his contract august 19. he has been compared to mickey mantle and all the experts report -- all the experts agree he is the real deal. he is 17 years old. despite the hype, harper is taking things in stride. >> i am just trying to get out there and show what i can do and let a higher power take care of that.
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i set high standards for myself and i think i should be perfect in every aspect of the game, so i will try to do that. >> stephen strasburg had another mri today. he had one last week as well. this one was more detailed. they look at every muscle. we are awaiting the results, no word yet. what you don't do here is dr. james andrews and stephen strasburg mentioned in the same sentence. the redskins fine-tuned their game plan for tomorrow night's matchup with the jets. there will be a lot of attention to the defense. albert haynesworth will play at nose tackle and defensive end. philip daniels is listed with the second team, but he knows the defense has to get to sanchez early and often. >> he was not rattled with anything last year. you just have to go out there
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and play the defense that is called and hopefully will get to him a few times. tiger woods, shooting six under par 65. very good stroke, center cut, hitting the fairway and greens all day. on the seventh, this look slyke has eyes. on -- this looks like it has eyes. 118, yes, sir, birdie, six under par 65, sharing the lead. the mystics are trying to come to grips with last night's upset loss to elected, regrouping for friday night. last night at the verizon center, they trailed atlanta by 17. coleman came off the bench and scored 18 points to lead a second-half rally and played extremely well. the mystics just could not stop atlanta.
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coleman says it was more of their own mental errors that cost them. >> a lot of it was mainly us. we did not stop them in transition or keep them off the glass. a lot of missed cues on the defense not stopping the ball, two people on one player, that killed us. roger clemens will be arraigned monday in washington. the indictment was handed down last week. a hearing will be on monday at the u.s. courthouse. things are getting very serious for the rocket. the president of the afl-cio has no qualms talking about the alaska governor. >> at a convention today, he compared remarks and blasted sarah palin and described her right-wing rhetoric as "pretty close to calling for violence." he says conspiracy theories about obama and death panels are
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further evidence of for extremism.
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breaking news from west virginia, where an airplane piloted by governor joe manchin, the west virginia governor, went off the airport. the governor was on his way to a reception with his wife and
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security guard, but nobody was injured. a blue ribbon hand at the kentucky state fair sold for $1.6 million. this ham weighs a little over 16 pounds, so it costs a little over $100,000 per pound. a doctor and a bank split the winning bid and all the proceeds go to the charities of their choice. this is the most expensive ham ever auctioned off at the kentucky state fair. >> what do you do with a ham like that? >> take a good picture of it. >> you need it very slowly, enjoy every bite. >> beautiful stretch through sunday, sunshine, cool, dry air. the heat and humidity return next week. bob ryan will have the latest forecast tonight. >> abc world news is next. >> have a good night.
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